Box Truck

When staying on the road equates to making a profit, the only one you can count on for help is a professional dispatching service for box trucks. There’s no need to stress yourself finding loads, handling paperwork, and ensuring shippers pay you on time. The experts at Pro Dispatch 24 can handle your box truck operation on your behalf.

Why trust Pro Dispatch 24 to Dispatch your Box Truck?

  •       We have a team dedicated to dispatching box trucks. They know everything about your specific type of equipment.
  •       We dispatch for 100+ box truck companies and we utilize that economy of scale to your advantage when negotiating rates.
  •       We work closely with our network of 260+ brokers who send us load lists on a daily basis.
  •       You get a dedicated dispatcher whose only job is to find high-paying loads for your trucks. They are trained to chase spot freight opportunities and are much more likely to book that perfect load because they are at a computer focused on doing just that 9 hours a day.
  •  Customers who utilize our box truck dispatch service average $5000-$6000 weekly per truck depending on areas of operation and mileage.
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